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   ​We are the manufacturer of deflecting tapes designed for car seals to facilitate painting.

On the basis of many years of experience and materials of the best quality, our products are recognized in many countries. Thanks to innovative solutions in the production process, our products feature great value.

   We customize double-sided, adhesive, assembly tapes used in the automotive industry.

Produkujemy dekoracyjne taśmy z folii ploterowej w atrakcyjnych wzorach i kolorach.

   We produce decorative plotter film tapes in attractive patterns and colors.

   For more than twenty years we have been supplying wholesalers and stores with painting products and accessories.


   Our offer includes spray guns, paint filters, overalls, and many other products used in motor vehicles painting.



MON - FRI : 9:00- 17:00

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+48 61 285 35 97​

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