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   The company has been on the Polish market since 1992. We conduct business in Poland, EU countries, Russia, and the USA.

   We manufacture and process adhesive tapes, double-sided, adhesive assembly tapes, deflecting tapes designed for car seals, and decorative tapes for the motor vehicles painting industry.

    For many years we have developed a significant position in the painting industry. Our most important capital is a combination of experience and highly qualified staff. The products and services we offer meet the individual needs of our customers.

   We realize orders in shortest possible time and offer convenient shipping terms.


   Our business focuses mainly on processing, manufacturing, and customizing tapes as well as the trading of painting products.

   The company specializes in professional customer service from consulting to shipping off-the-shelf products. Our many years of experience and qualified staff guarantee assistance in the selection of the most optimal solutions in terms of painting product purchases as well as processing and manufacturing of masking tapes.​​

   We want to cooperate with you on a long-term basis. That is why we put emphasis on the highest quality of our products and services, price stability, attractive discounts, and the realization of orders in shortest possible time.

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